About Us

After years of providing its national and international clients the finest legal services in various fields, Aura & Co. is launching its sister concern, AURA LEAGUE GLOBAL. In an increasingly connected and globalised world, law firms, like several other businesses, are benefitting from process outsourcing which is an efficacious division of labour, ultimately resulting in quality and timely legal services being offered to the client.

India, with its large English-speaking population, trained and skilled human resource, flexible pricing options, adequate infrastructure and pro information technology government policies has remained a consistent and reliable player in process outsourcing services from around the globe. Operating with the same principle and assured quality, we aim to provide our clients from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, the requisite Legal Process Outsourcing which allows them to focus on their main services without having to invest precious time and resource in back-end services, which will be efficaciously dealt by us.

While opting for LPOs, due to the sector still being in its developmental phase, clients have struggled to find the appropriate service provider which can cater to their specific needs in a reliable manner. At Aura League Global, fully trained and efficient legal professionals who are fluent in English are part of specialised teams offering niche legal services tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements.

Aura League Global is one of the few domain experts in this sector providing complete end-to-end legal services. We offer to our clients process maturity and access to world-class resources, trained associates with core skills, and quality legal services at affordable rates.

Being experts in the field, we are trained to deal with a large variety of day to day scenarios. Some of the best practices followed by us to handle such situation are:

  • Instituting and maintaining appropriate communication channels for day to day administration and quality controls.
  • Resolving problems and extreme situations while avoiding business disruption.
  • Tried and tested methods and metrics to evaluate and monitor quality, and to ensure accountability.
  • An established well-defined conflict resolution procedures:
  • What you need to know about utilising commercial dispute resolutions overseas to enforce commercial rights and litigation.
  • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery to protect customer and company information from your partner’s hand.

Why Choose Us?

For us, our client’s interest, their requirement and quality of services always comes first, and we are known for that in the industry.

Our service delivery is one of the best is the industry.

We are available for you 24X7 - Due to the time zone difference, we can manage to provide 24x7 working for United States, United Kingdom, and other countries.

In addition to the top-level service, we assure you that your bill will go down by at least40% - your overall cost would only be one-third vis-a-vis that of operations in the United States and United Kingdom and other countries

Great value for your money.

We procure and train the finest talent in the industryto assist you in the best manner possible.

Informed Service on the Basis of Industrial Analysis

To understand the latent and patent needs of the clients based in United States, United Kingdom and other countries where English is a working language, we as an LPO discern the legal environment prevalent in the target market. In management parlance, we call it Industry Analysis. We accordingly have access to:

  • Federal Case Laws and other Judicial Material
  • All Federal Cases
  • All United States, United Kingdom and other countries Supreme Court Cases, Reported and Unreported both.
  • Federal Rules Decisions Cases
  • Federal Administrative Law and Regulations
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Regular Intelligence Reports
  • Daily Presidential Documents
  • Multistate Information
  • All State Cases
  • State Constitution
  • State Court Rules and Orders
  • Legal Newspaper and Newsletters
  • ABA Trends (American Bar Association)
  • American Lawyer Information
  • Corporate Legal Times
  • Law Reviews and Journals
  • American Bar Association Journal and E-report
  • Administrative and Regulatory Law News
  • American Journal of International Law